About Us

Let’s Bug Out LLC. is a start-up company founded in 2013 based in N.Y. Our focus is to bring to market inspiring and entertaining comic book/novel series for audiences of different ages to enjoy. In an already saturated space, we feel confident in our product’s ability to capture the minds of readers. One of our key principle is the recognition of donation to future generation. It is important for us to give back and also show the future generation that with hard work, determination and right decision making in life, your dreams are possible. It’s easy for a large corporation to donate with millions in revenue, but this will be our guiding philosophy from the beginning as a small start-up company. 

We plan to launch 4-6 of our comic-lines throughout the year. We currently have 8 in our pipeline. This includes titles such as: Generation Mute (comic strip, currently being reviewed for syndication), R.E.E.P.E.R. Men, The Speed Monster, Amazin Tissue Boy, Soul-Snatcher, En-Ceph-A-Lon (comic novel), Technobugz and The Untamed One, comic series.